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14.10.2013 Die neuesten Versionen des Programms PNTLCVRT ist veröffentlicht.
Official Releases folgender Programme stehen zum Download bereit:

PNTLCVRT v5.92 PNTCV592.ZIP Size: 369683 Date: 2013-10-14 Time: 12:00:00
PntlCvrt-Converter all formats v5.92, stable release Update see also
12.10.2013 New revisions of following programs are available: PLMAKECL & PLDIFF
Official Release is available for download:

PLMAKECL v1.30 PLMCL130.ZIP Size: 219945 Date: 2013-10-12 Time: 05:00:00
4D Pointlist creation tool v1.30, stable release Update see also
PLDIFF v1.30 PLDF130.ZIP Size: 168287 Date: 2013-10-12 Time: 05:00:00
Make one or more diffs from two given 4D Pointlists, diffing tool v1.30 Update see also
20.09.2013 New revision of binkd_nodelister.php published.
This new revision will fix some problems in the IBN routine, that prevents the transfer of valid FQDNs from Nodelist to the binkd nodelist in previous revision.
Official Release is available for download:
BNLPHP12.ZIP BNLPHP12.ZIP Size: 19441 Date: 2013-09-20 Time: 00:17:00
BINKD_NODELISTER.PHP (BinkD Nodelist Compiler) v1.21, stable, official release Update
30.08.2013 New DynDNS domain:
Recent DynDNS service move to had a big big disadvantage.
The website could no longer be found in the search indexes.
Especialy Google blocks the reason given:
"Spammy free hosts and dynamic DNS providers
This site is hosted by a free hosting service or dynamic DNS provider
that has a significant fraction of spammy content.
This makes it prudent to move over to another DynDNS service provider
that I've found in Two-DNS
Hopefuly I have more luck than in the previous move.
An overview of FREE DynDNS service providers you can find
in the following list: DDNS – Free Dynamic DNS Providers
01.08.2013 System upgrades finished
18.05.2013 SLA Update For Dyn Non-Paid Users moves to

The recent SLA Update for Dyn Non-Paid Users
make it prudent to switch to a new Free and Non-blocking DynDns provider.
So AMBROSIA60 moves from over to
17.03.2013 Server Migrations
After long preparations (since starting February), I've finished the main step in replacing several servers in the local area network by one new virtual server and fileserver. Several short service outages did happen between Friday March 15 and Sunday March 17 by moving servers and services.
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