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19.11.2012 New MakeNl 3.3.0 released
The MakeNl_NG project at made several bugfixes in the last 6 months and has been finalyzed in revion 3.3.0 released on 2012-11-19
Files are available for several OS platforms DOS, OS, WIN, LNX
in the filebase or by FTN Frequest 1:320/119 or 2:244/1120
15.10.2012 BBclone Upgraded
Today I've updated the installed BBclone revision from rev 0.4.9c to 0.6.1
13.07.2012 offline for 2 days
Starting Wed 2012-07-11 noon the ISP provider speed update from DSL3000R to DSL6000RAM results in a two days offline time.
In analyze process it turns out, that the Cisco 837 wasn't capable to handle the new DSL6000RAM protocol (ADSL/2+ instead of ADSL). The problem, of the long outage was, that at change day, the no longer functional connection couldn't be handled as a disruption (as its still under construction :-P until 23:59). Starting the next day 0:00 a ticket could be opened and a service technician could analyze the problem. In this analyze process, the new protocol ADSL/2+ was named by the service technician onsite the very first time. So with this info I could search the internet, but without internet access, a search was impossible :-P ... chasing my own tail ... This was Thu 2012-07-12 around 19:00 now 30 hours later after the change on ISP side was made.
Thu 2012-07-12 around 19:30 the systems were online again.
One configuration problem prevented the connection from the internet to the FTN mailer. A 2nd problem in reconfiguring the ISDN configuration with the new router also sets the FTN ISDN connections offline. FTN ISDN connections becomes available again on Fri 2012-07-13 around 10:30. Internet access to BinkD going online on Fri 2012-07-13 around 11:00.
28.04.2012 Missing Nodelists in History database re-imported
[27.04.2012] Fido-History Database search stats signals that there are some missing nodelists. Checked manualy for missing nodelists and started re-import of the missing ones - found 8 to be missed:
2009 #338
2011 #161
2011 #280
2012 #006
2012 #090
2012 #097
2012 #104
2012 #111
28.04.2012 Region24, Net244 recovery/reorganisation
[26.03.2012] RC24 system down

[24.03.2012] last contact to our "old" RC24 by phone

[13.04.2012] deadline set to 20.04.2012 23:59 for our old rc24 to show any sign of life

[20.04.2012] deadline set to 23:59

[21.04.2012] Deadline passed, so recovery process started
with new 24/0, new 244/0 and moved 244/1

[22.04.2012] Echo feeds recovered for Net 244

[23.04.2012] New Region24 segment delivered to ZC2

[27.04.2012] New Nodelist.118 shows new *C structure for RC24 and Host 244 and NC 244

16.01.2012 New revision of binkd_nodelister.php published.
This new revision will fix some problems in the IBN routine, that prevents the transfer of valid FQDNs from Nodelist to the binkd nodelist in previous revision.
Official Release is available for download:
BNLPHP12.ZIP BNLPHP12.ZIP Size: 18915 Date: 2012-01-16 Time: 06:28:00
BINKD_NODELISTER.PHP (BinkD Nodelist Compiler) v1.20, stable, official release Update
03.01.2012 New FTP server
Today I've migragted the FTP server to a new FTP server on The new FTP server has some enhancements in security and also allows a secure FTP connection thru SSL/TLS.
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