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Trn_Hdd - TreiberNet_-_Festplatten

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Trn_Hdd - Fidonet TreiberNet_-_Festplatten
Filename Filesize [bytes] File Date/Time Description Download
CHKHD99C.ZIP 296666 1997-07-10 13:31:58 CheckHD v0.99 beta - HD Checker Check Harddisk (CheckHD) v0.99 beta (C) Copyright 1996,1997 Marnix Timmermans Hard drive benchmarking and test program. Shows Zone Bit Recording (ZBR), Sectors per Track (SPT), sustained throughput and buffer to host throughput among other things. Features database and graphical functions to compare results with other hard drives. CHKHD99C.ZIP
EIDETE21.ZIP 334173 1997-04-30 11:37:14 EIDETEST detect flawed EIDE controller for DOS emulation under DESQview, Windows, OS/2 or NT. Checks for the RZ-1000 and CMD PCIO640B EIDE PCI controller flaw by writing and reading a hard disk while simultaneous I/O potentially interferes. C++ source included. Freeware from Roedy Green of Canadian Mind Products. Includes EIDEFLAW.TXT FAQ on the flaw, sometimes erroneously called "the DMA bug". EIDETE21.ZIP
HDL11NS.ZIP 16086 1997-07-10 13:32:22 HardDisk LED v1.1 - HDD LED Simulator HDL11NS.ZIP
REVIVE10.ZIP 241988 1997-07-22 13:27:14 Revival v1.0 - Program that revives HD destroyed by formatting or virus REVIVE10.ZIP
ULTRANW.ZIP 15259 1997-07-17 16:01:12 Promise ULTRA33 Driver for Netware 3.1x and ULTRANW.ZIP
Total 5 Files, 882 Kilobytes

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