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Pdnbasic - PDN-Basic

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Pdnbasic - Fidonet PDN-Basic
Filename Filesize [bytes] File Date/Time Description Download
ABC9705.ZIP 677266 1997-06-19 23:44:38 ALL BASIC CODE (ABC) May 1997 ABC Packets Requires The ABC Reader. ABC9705.ZIP
ABC9707.ZIP 527947 1997-11-03 23:42:48 ALL BASIC CODE (ABC) July 1997 ABC Packets. Requires The ABC Reader. ABC9707.ZIP
ABC9709.ZIP 675434 1997-11-04 23:41:24 ALL BASIC CODE (ABC) September 1997 ABC Packets Requires The ABC Reader. ABC9709.ZIP
ABC9711.ZIP 805533 1997-12-08 23:44:42 ALL BASIC CODE (ABC) November 1997 ABC Packets Requires The ABC Reader. ABC9711.ZIP
ABC9801.ZIP 599019 1998-01-20 01:06:00 ALL BASIC CODE (ABC) January 1998 ABC Packets Requires The ABC Reader. ABC9801.ZIP
ABCWIN.ZIP 152406 1998-01-20 01:13:54 ABC Reader for Windows, Release: Pre-beta (12-25-97) Author: William Yu Info: Requires The ABC Packets Windows 3.x/95/NT or OS/2 ABCWIN.ZIP
ABCXRD15.ZIP 211413 1997-06-19 23:44:52 The ABC Express Reader v1.5 Programmed by William Yu Features: Tutorials & Music D/L The ABC Packets today! ABCXRD15.ZIP
XMSTOSS.ZIP 5578 1998-01-20 01:13:20 XMSTOSS.ZIP
DND50A4T.ZIP 24032993 2023-06-16 12:50:34 Tweak Kit for DNDBBS v5.0a r2.0a t4.0a PD DND50A4T.ZIP
GET2PCX.ZIP 52371 1997-06-21 11:39:38 GET2PCX is a QB program to convert Basic graphics files generated using GET and BSAVE to PCX format. (Read the comments at the top of the .BAS file to see how to use the .EXE--or just run the .EXE with no arguments.) New version will convert "SVGA G GET2PCX.ZIP
GUI140.ZIP 17817 1997-07-19 21:31:42 GUI Library, For QuickBasic 4.5. Popup boxes, mouse support, 3D buttons, automatic text centering, Configurable Input Box, Transparent text. Freeware. GUI140.ZIP
HEXED8RK.ZIP 275879 2023-06-11 13:26:16 Hex Editor v8.0a rK.0a for Windows release 06/10/2023 HEXED8RK.ZIP
HEXED8RL.ZIP 277315 2023-06-24 14:47:18 Hex Editor v8.0a rK.0a for Windows release 06/10/2023 HEXED8RL.ZIP
HEXED8RO.ZIP 284367 2023-08-30 02:34:38 Hex Editor v8.0a rO.0a for Windows release 08/25/2023 HEXED8RO.ZIP
HEXED8RQ.ZIP 341820 2023-12-30 19:00:38 Hex Editor v8.0a rQ.0a for Windows HEXED8RQ.ZIP
HEXXIT83.ZIP 383842 2023-12-30 19:01:12 Hex Editor v8.3a for DOS & Windows HEXXIT83.ZIP
MBLFN32.ZIP 43731 1997-09-23 23:23:02 MBLfn32 let you use Win95 long file names in your QuickBasic 4.5, Quick- Basic Extended 7.1 (PDS) and Visual Basic for DOS programs. Even the native statements OPEN, BSAVE and BLOAD work with long filenames! You can use the same code under the old DOS or Windows 3.x as under Windows 95, but under Windows 95 you have the option of using long file names. MBLFN32.ZIP
MORUTL70.ZIP 4568338 2024-02-21 15:12:10 The Set Of More DOS Utilities v70.0a MORUTL70.ZIP
PCL4PB61.ZIP 86343 1998-01-20 01:11:14 Personal Comm Library for PowerBASIC. (PCL4PB61.ZIP), Dec 97, Ver 6.1, [ASP]. Supports thru COM20 to 115200, 4+ ports concurrently, many dumb multiport boards, 16550, 16650, 16750 UARTs, interrupt driven, RTS/CTS flow control, any UART address and IRQ. Requires PowerBASIC compiler (ver 3.0c or higher). By MarshallSoft Computing. $85 + S&H. PCL4PB61.ZIP
PQSYNTAX.ZIP 74610 1997-07-23 01:17:58 PQSYNTAX Vs 1.4 - In the editor of the IDE of PowerBASIC, QBasic(DOS), QuickBasic and Basic PDS, parts of the source text (Syntax) are highlighted in different colors. Fast TSR in ASM/C/PB - all sources included. PQSYNTAX.ZIP
QB64UTL9.ZIP 258363 2023-03-29 22:08:06 The Set Of More Windows Utilities. QB64UTL9.ZIP
QB64UTLC.ZIP 253352 2024-02-23 04:34:40 The Set Of More Utilities vC.0a r1.0a QB64UTLC.ZIP
QBASIX.ZIP 30589 1997-09-17 00:01:48 QBASIX: a TSR with an assembler library for the QBASIC interpreter. It enables you to: - call interrupts, - get and set the command line - set a termination code - copy and scan memory - get info about the video system - test the printer - save and restore the screen and more. QBASIX.ZIP
QBSHELLL.ZIP 346477 2023-11-08 18:25:06 QB64shell v.0001 r.001 for Windows release 10/10/2023 QBSHELLL.ZIP
QBSNIP.ZIP 64486 1997-07-23 01:18:02 QuickBasic/QBasic Code Snippets QBSNIP.ZIP
QBSWAP2.ZIP 54380 1997-07-19 06:49:10 This package (qbswap) includes a MS-DOS assembly-language routine that can be called from a QB/PDS7.1 program. It will swap most of the current program to extended memory (supplied by an XMS driver, such as HIMEM.SYS), expanded memory (EMS version 4.0), or disk, thus freeing up more memory for DOS. It will then execute another program in its place, and re-load the original program to its original state. This allows large DOS programs to execute other programs without the original program taking up DOS memory. QBSWAP2.ZIP
RAYCAST.ZIP 98336 1997-06-21 11:39:28 This 3d, real-time engine for Qbasic(r) contains a few new updates, such as level editor sourcecode, a few minor keyboard error fixes, and a new level loader interface. Its other features include joystick/gamepad support, a level editor, easy interf RAYCAST.ZIP
RBBDOS.ZIP 680057 1997-12-27 06:55:52 REALLY BASIC BASIC v [ASP] - Step-by-step instruction for programming in BASIC for beginners of all ages. Great for hobbyists or those exploring career options. Supports multiple users. Includes on-screen editing and run-time support. Programs produced are compatible with QBasis and PowerBASIC. Interactive, individualized instruction at its very best! Requires: MS-DOS 3.1+, 386+ 640K mem, 2 megs disk, VGA. RBBDOS.ZIP
RBBWIN.ZIP 1260461 1997-12-27 06:56:04 Really Basic BASIC v1.1 Step-by-step instructions for programming in BASIC. Suited to beginners of all ages. Great for hobbyists or those exploring career options. Supports multiple users. Includes on-screen editing and run-time support. Programs produced are compatible with PowerBASIC and QBasic. Interactive, individualized instruction at its very best! RBBWIN.ZIP
RECOM11.ZIP 37556 1997-07-23 01:17:54 ReCom 1.1, Recomment your source files. Works to convert to/from C, C++, QuickBasic/QBasic, GW-BASIC, Assembly, BATch, *.SYS (CONFIG.SYS), and Windows .INI files. Source code included. Freeware. RECOM11.ZIP
SIC87G.ZIP 772061 2023-11-27 17:01:40 The DOS Symbolic Instruction Code parser SIC87G.ZIP
SICK64E9.ZIP 488338 2023-07-01 15:35:34 The Symbolic Instruction Code Kit v64.0a r6.8a PD 2023 SICK64E9.ZIP
SICK64F3.ZIP 490546 2023-11-11 15:53:36 The Symbolic Instruction Code Kit v64.0a r7.3a SICK64F3.ZIP
TCQBSNIP.ZIP 39106 1997-07-23 01:18:06 Tika Carr's QuickBasic/QBasic Code Snippets TCQBSNIP.ZIP
Total 34 Files, 38054 Kilobytes

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