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Gwps - GFD_OS2:_Work_Place_Shell

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Gwps - Fidonet GFD_OS2:_Work_Place_Shell
Filename Filesize [bytes] File Date/Time Description Download
AP_ICONS.ZIP 6119 1999-04-10 13:01:26 Icons for Apache web server AP_ICONS.ZIP
CMDRUN11.ZIP 24588 1999-02-02 16:10:00 CMDRUN V1.1 by Paul Ratcliffe. OS/2 WPS replacement WPFolder/WPDisk classes which give the ability to start command line sessions from any folder/disk with the current directory set to that folder/disk. Also gives a Run menu option similar to that found in Windows, allowing the starting of OS/2, DOS and Windows applications. CMDRUN11.ZIP
FGWP002B.ZIP 58211 1999-04-15 09:13:16 Foreground Wallpaper ver.0.02b - Allows FGWP002B.ZIP
GHICN001.ZIP 89721 1999-02-05 03:41:14 GhOS/2 Icon Collection v0.1. A set of icons I worked on from time to time since 1993. Still work in progress. Freeware! By Helmut A. Goettl GHICN001.ZIP
INIED090.ZIP 441319 1999-02-26 16:09:24 INIedit v.0.90 is an INI editor for binary OS/2 INI with integrated tools to compare ini files and search multiple files for a string. Language support for English, Croatian, French, German, Italian and Spanish. INIED090.ZIP
MDAEM01.ZIP 8015 1999-02-22 12:08:20 Real-time monitoring of CPU temperature and actual swap usage. This is a backgound process (daemon) written in Rexx that works as a supplement to monitoring utiliy from SysBar/2 package. It uses Rexx interfaces provided by IBM's Theseus/2 memory ana MDAEM01.ZIP
NICE-U01.ZIP 410344 1999-03-02 17:27:26 This is a first update for Nice OS/2 Enhancer. New features added, forced compatibility with some applications. By Sergey Posokhov. NICE-U01.ZIP
NOWINLGO.ZIP 31799 1999-02-23 03:16:54 Warp 4 boot logo with big "no Windows" NOWINLGO.ZIP
PCD215R.ZIP 154233 1999-04-21 12:35:14 PopCD!, version 2.15. Pop Up CD-ROM Object Utility. PopCD! is `Pop Up CD-ROM/Removable media/Audio CD Object' Utility. When you insert CD-ROM/Removable media/Audio CD, PopCD! creates its object on desktop and open/play. And PopCD! ejects CD-ROM/Removable Media/Audio CD when you drag and drop object into shredder. By Ken Kinoshita. Additional requirements: Watcom VX-REXX Runtime (VROBJ.DLL), EMX Runtime Library (0.9c or higher). PCD215R.ZIP
PMPN270.ZIP 1271908 1999-03-25 17:57:24 PM Postnotes 2.70 is a suite of utilities and applications designed to reduce desk clutter, to free the mind for more imaginative pursuits, to arrange for that dental appointment, and to run applications at a specific time every day. PMPN270.ZIP
POPUP104.ZIP 30991 1999-05-02 15:52:32 Entryfield PopUp menu for cut and paste without keyboard. By Eugen Kuleshov POPUP104.ZIP
ROVER270.ZIP 1314950 1999-04-06 17:07:00 Rover Pack (tm) for OS/2 from Sundial Systems, Version 2.70. The Rover Pack is a comprehensive collection of software components and accessories that are designed to work with each other and with OS/2 Warp's advanced Workplace Shell user interface. All components of the Rover Pack make extensive use of advanced OS/2 technology for superior performance and seamless integration. The software is fully "network aware" and compatible with OS/2 Peer, LAN Server, and other popular networking systems. ROVER270.ZIP
RXAST140.ZIP 122990 1999-02-28 16:40:00 RexxAutoStart Version 1.40 (01.03.1999) (c) copyrighted FREEWARE This program is a workaround for timing problems that lead to a WPS hang on startup on certain OS/2 versions and fixlevels. Additionally it gives you a limited possibility to control the order of automatically started programs upon bootup. New in this release: - /WPS supported under OS/2 Warp 3 - make any folder your startup folder - Blanks and ' allowed in ObjectIDs - executables for REXX and ObjectREXX - enhanced "context sensitive" help RXAST140.ZIP
SCMOUSE.ZIP 15546 1999-04-23 04:20:42 SCMouse. Easy access to Warp Center by SCMOUSE.ZIP
SHOWTIME.ZIP 121744 1998-11-29 15:09:24 ShowTime/2, background changer/slide show viewer. Automatic cycling of background wallpaper or slide shows. Easy bitmap selection from diverse directories. Timer settings from 1 second to 24 hours in 1 second increments. Run background changes or slide shows in order or random. Set up and save as many shows as you like. Run shows automatically at startup. SHOWTIME.ZIP
SMW082B.ZIP 94817 1999-04-12 01:43:02 Styler/2 (Smart Windows) update to be installed over This will bring the version number to SMW082B.ZIP
SYSBAR15.ZIP 439202 1999-02-28 11:41:52 SysBar 1.5 - Monitor for OS/2 Presentation Manager. Visualizes memory, swapFile, processes, threads, CPU activity, TCP/IP activity, temperature and voltage, APM administration. By Alessandro Rossi. _Italian_ program. SYSBAR15.ZIP
SYSSET11.ZIP 17569 1999-02-28 16:10:00 SYSSET V1.1 by Paul Ratcliffe. OS/2 WPS class which give the ability to set up and query systems components such as Keyboard, Mouse and System from a REXX command file. SYSSET11.ZIP
TCOS2202.ZIP 695923 1999-03-28 17:02:00 Take Command for OS/2 2.02 - New! (March 1999) release of JP Software's GUI command processor for OS/2. A true OS/2 Presentation Manager app. Offers command enhancements, over 50 new commands, dozens of powerful batch file features, and many other unique command line tools. 4OS2 and 4DOS- compatible, dozens of new PM-related features as well. Shareware, $69.95 full registration. 03-29-99 release A.Path 2:2449/184 TCOS2202.ZIP
TRSHCN27.ZIP 1118914 1999-03-07 17:07:00 (v2.7) TrashCan - WPS trash can object - WPS extension for OS/2 Warp (or higher) - Macintosh-like trash can object - Fully customizable to user needs - Many features for trash management - Languages: - English, German, French - Japanese, Spanish - Shareware (US$ 20.00) Kai Sommerfeld, TRSHCN27.ZIP
WALL327R.ZIP 271834 1999-03-11 12:01:16 Wallpaper Changer version 3.27. The Wall changes background images and/or color at user-set intervals. You can configure each image file in such as *.BMP/*.GIF/*.JPG/ *.TIF/*.TGA/*.PCX/*.DIB in the Wall. Choose TILE, SIZED or NORMAL during configuration. The Wall writes an extended attribute for each and displays the *.BMP as configured. By Ken Kinoshita WALL327R.ZIP
XF085DE.ZIP 377188 1999-03-15 09:16:10 XFolder V0.85, german language pack XF085DE.ZIP
XF085EN.ZIP 336074 1999-03-15 09:15:00 XFolder V0.85, english language pack XF085EN.ZIP
XFLD085.ZIP 501016 1999-03-15 09:13:26 XFolder V0.85 XFolder is a collection of WPS replacement classes, with the following features: * configure all your WPScontext menus at once, simply by putting WPS objects into a certain configuration folder * all folders can now carry their full path in their window titles, * freely configurable hotkeys for use within folders only, * extended sort features, * auto-scroll Tree views, * "Snap to grid" feature for all folders, * "Extended Shutdown", * "Restart WPS" * new "System" objects with CONFIG.SYS settings and the WPS class list * Netscape DDE interface * replaceable default WPS icons and much more. FREEWARE with source code under the GNU General Public Licence. Author: Ulrich Moeller http:/ XFLD085.ZIP
XFSTTOS2.ZIP 291515 1999-02-21 06:28:30 xfsttos2 - TrueType X fontserver for OS/2. xfsttos2 - port of xfstt to OS/2. Allows you to use TrueType fonts with XFree86 for OS/2. It's derived from Herbert Duerr's excellent xfstt, which was intended for Unix. It gives good performance and gives excellent rendering of fonts at low resolutions. By Joshua E. Rodd XFSTTOS2.ZIP
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