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Gnet - Fidonet GFD_OS2:_Network
Filename Filesize [bytes] File Date/Time Description Download
AICQ016.ZIP 146483 1999-03-24 15:12:44 aicq [00.016] - A(nother) ICQ clone. Simple OS/2 native ICQ client clone, works in windowed textmode session. With Win1251<>CP866 recoding. By Pavel Nikiforov AICQ016.ZIP
AWE0157.ZIP 137623 1998-08-16 15:00:48 Advanced Web Editor for OS/2 0.157 upgrade. The 0.157 incremental from 0.155. For those of you who have never heard of this product, this is the first of a new generation of code-based HTML editors. Unlike most code-based editors, this editor utilizes tag files (those files with the DEF extension), keyboard macros (defined through files with the KEY extension) and code snippets (called "parts") to make creating and editing of HTML files easier. Requires AWE 0.155. AWE0157.ZIP
AWE0158.ZIP 103985 1998-08-18 15:54:14 No description available AWE0158.ZIP
BINSUK13.ZIP 39048 1999-04-26 13:55:44 Updated version of BinGrab 0.2b by Timothy Millea. This release contains major bug fixes and improvements to all previous versions. Additional requirements: UUDEVIEW, TCPIP, and Internet access. BINSUK13.ZIP
BIRCV02B.ZIP 75132 1999-03-11 21:25:22 BiRC v0.2b - IRC client for REXX. BIRCV02B.ZIP
BX75P3.ZIP 1158152 1999-03-04 07:38:16 BitchX 75p3 public. BitchX is a VERY BX75P3.ZIP
COMM404.ZIP 7422149 1999-02-12 04:30:14 Netscape Communicator for OS/2, version 4.04, February 1999 refresh, english release. COMM404.ZIP
COMM404D.ZIP 7704104 1999-02-11 01:17:00 Netscape Communicator for OS/2, version 4.04, February 1999 refresh, german release. COMM404D.ZIP
DANCE414.ZIP 345204 1999-03-05 15:52:38 Dancer IRC Bot 4.14 DANCE414.ZIP
DAYTIME.ZIP 293006 1999-03-05 08:10:28 This package contains a time (RFC 868), daytime (RFC 867) and SNTP (RFC 1361) server and client for OS/2 and NT. Author: Kai Uwe Rommel <> DAYTIME.ZIP
DIALIP.ZIP 1394559 1999-04-10 07:59:52 Dialip 1.543 An OS/2 PM 32-bit Internet Connecting and Email Transferring program. Can be used with a scheduler to automatically connect to the internet, send email, get or check for email for 1 or more users, notify of email, hangup, and exit. Can be used on an email server (gateway) pc that people on an intranet lan's email goes thru to the internet. Email received can be forwarded to people on the lan. Full internet email (send & receive) for everyone on a small lan with one inexpensive dialup connection, (by using a separate routing program). Will integrate with Ultimail and Netscape 2.02 for OS/2, or email files can be read into PMMail, MR/2, etc... or forwarded to any internet SMTP/MIME capable email package. Shareware, US $3 - US $30 License agreement is in READ.ME with installation instructions. DIALIP.ZIP
DISDNS.ZIP 7836 1999-02-24 16:13:30 disdns speeds net access by bypassing DNS. disdns reads in netscape.hst or bookmark.htm files and converts the web addresses to numeric IP address and updates your HOSTS file. This will eliminate the need to access the DNS, therefore speeding up tho DISDNS.ZIP
EFTP506.ZIP 408045 1999-02-08 05:55:30 EmTec FTP V5.0.6, Copyright (C) 1997-1998 EFTP506.ZIP
EMAILO10.ZIP 46411 1998-07-18 10:53:58 GetPop3 and PutSmtp for OS/2. Two small email utilities for OS/2: GetPop3 retrieves emails from a pop3 server and stores them in files. PutSmtp reads emails from files and sends them to a smtp server.These utilities have been written in Virtual Pascal using the TwmTcpip package. EMAILO10.ZIP
EPROC100.ZIP 106671 1998-07-12 12:59:30 E-mail Processor version 1.0 - The primary function of this program is to provide you with the ability to manage thousands of e-mail programs and take some of the load off of your mail program. EPROC100.ZIP
FN140OS2.ZIP 303431 1999-02-18 14:03:32 Fortify 1.4.0; Copyright (C) 1997-1999 Farrell McKay. This software is free for all forms of non-commercial use. This is Fortify for Netscape, a program that provides world-wide, unconditional, full strength 128-bit cryptography to users of Netscape Navigator (v3 and v4) and Communicator (v4). FN140OS2.ZIP
FTPIFS4.ZIP 123723 1999-03-12 08:26:14 FTP Client made as OS/2 File System driver. Version 0.04. You can map ftp hosts to drive letters and use your favorite File Manager, Archiver or Backup software. New in this version: full read/write support. By Vit Timchishin BMT FTPIFS4.ZIP
GET107.ZIP 44423 1999-04-20 12:09:28 Version 1.07 of the get ftp program for quick uploads and downloads written in C. A quick ftp program with many uses. By Keith Cotroneo GET107.ZIP
HT2_20.ZIP 33794 1999-04-04 12:38:42 GNU httptunnel, compiled for OS/2. - version 2.0 - requires emx 0.9c runtime or newer - compiled by - HT2_20.ZIP
IGOS2145.ZIP 668826 1999-04-11 04:30:20 Internet Gate for OS/2 - Version 1.45 Is a multiple proxy gate and firewall. It can allow users on a Local Area Network (LAN) without Internet access to access the Internet through a single machine on the LAN connected to the Internet, either via a dial-up modem / ISDN connection or another ethernet card. IGOS2145.ZIP
IJFIRE11.ZIP 575931 1999-02-10 12:10:24 InJoy Firewall for OS/2 Designed with Cable Modems in mind, the InJoy Firewall is a complete Internet gateway and firewall security system in one. With minimal effort, you can share one Internet connection among multiple work stations. This software operates beneath the routing layer on "raw" packets and out performs application proxies. FEATURES: Unmatched performance, PM/text GUI NDIS Protocol Engine; RFC 1631-NAT support; Direct Internet Access for your LAN PC's; Packet Filtering, Traffic Accounting, Port Redirection, Rule Based Access Control; Identd support; No reconfiguration of software; Great step-by-step docs; YK2; Visit to find out more.. Software by F/X Communications IJFIRE11.ZIP
IJLOG_10.ZIP 96003 1999-02-13 12:40:52 User accounts w/web frontend for In-Joy IJLOG_10.ZIP
IPS081B1.ZIP 371701 1999-04-02 13:21:30 InetPowerServer is a enterprise level multiprotocol Internet server supporting ftp, stmp and pop protocols. IPS runs under OS/2 Warp or Windows NT. IPS081B1.ZIP
JSM272R.ZIP 307541 1999-04-07 11:14:20 Jasmine 2.72, Auto FTP Uploader. Jasmine is the ftp front-end using of the OS/2 WARP jeniune part for FTP (File Transfer Protocol) for the maintainances of your webpages. And Jasmine can copy local files to destination directory with same functions of FTP Mode. Jasmine will put/copy the files and directories, only which are changed or altered from the last put/copy. webpages. Requires VROBJ.DLL. (c) Ken Kinoshita JSM272R.ZIP
NETWATCH.ZIP 641126 1999-02-23 16:01:34 NETWATCH for OS/2 version 2.0 NETWATCH for OS/2 will allow you to monitor your DNS\Gateway\Router\Multi-IP connections and log failures. Requirements: OS/2 2.1 or higher, and Rexx NETWATCH.ZIP
NFTP153O.ZIP 754396 1999-04-12 08:41:34 NFTP 1.53: OS/2 version Textmode, PM and X11. Fast operation, bookmarks, history, multi-directory tagging, descriptions, viewing/editing remote files, firewalls, FTP Search and lots of features for power users. 19 languages. Shareware. NFTP153O.ZIP
NHV14O.ZIP 787693 1999-05-01 03:32:20 News Harvest v1.4o - Fire and Forget binary news extractor. News Harvest is an OS/2 Presentation Manager application for the automatic retreival of Usenet News binary articles. The main design impetus was to create a Fire and Forget utility that would process any number of groups over any number of servers with no user-intervention. By Kingsley Turner NHV14O.ZIP
NLOK221.ZIP 1210468 1999-02-20 08:26:38 NetLookout 2.21 - An Internet notifier that will watch Web, FTP, and Gopher sites for changes. You can specify how often you want particular sites to be checked. Never miss an update to your favorite site, and don't waste time viewing unchanged pages. You can even have NetLookout watch for specific files. Frugal Software, Inc. $20.00 NLOK221.ZIP
NLOK224.ZIP 1212571 1999-05-02 11:53:56 NetLookout 2.24 - An Internet notifier that will watch Web, FTP, and Gopher sites for changes. You can specify how often you want particular sites to be checked. Never miss an update to your favorite site, and don't waste time viewing unchanged pages. You can even have NetLookout watch for specific files. Frugal Software, Inc. $20.00 NLOK224.ZIP
NPMETA.ZIP 41902 1999-02-24 21:16:58 OS/2 Metafile plugin by Vladimir NPMETA.ZIP
NSPIP21.ZIP 2306831 1999-02-12 08:12:00 OS/2 Plug-in Pack v. 2.1 for Netscape Communicator 4.04 for OS/2, February 1999 refresh, english release. NSPIP21.ZIP
NSPIP21D.ZIP 2318894 1999-02-11 01:30:00 OS/2 Plug-in Pack v. 2.1 for Netscape Communicator 4.04 for OS/2, February 1999 refresh, german release. NSPIP21D.ZIP
OS2WWW.ZIP 3095706 1998-09-28 10:37:14 (v4.07rel4) PowerWeb for OS2WWW An OS/2 secure multi-protocol multi-threaded server (including HTTP, HTTP Proxy, FTP, SMTP and POP3) for World Wide Web and other services on the Internet. Includes unrestricted SSL 3.0 cryptography. Unparallelled in performance, features, extensibility and stability. Contact CompuSource at or Web site OS2WWW.ZIP
PCNT3V11.ZIP 24469 1999-03-11 23:47:12 Warp 3 WPS desktop control of PPP connections using status icons. By Walt Shekrota. Refresh. PCNT3V11.ZIP
PCNT4V11.ZIP 24457 1999-03-13 11:45:08 Warp 4 WPS desktop control of PPP connections using status icons. By Walt Shekrota. Refresh. PCNT4V11.ZIP
PMBX75P3.ZIP 1128796 1999-03-05 08:19:44 PMBitchX 75p3 public release 1. This is a port of the latest BitchX to OS/2 Presentation Manager. BitchX is a VERY heavily modified ircII client. It includes many things such as built in CDCC (XDCC) offering, built in flood protection, etc. Requires EMX runtime 0.9d. PMBX75P3.ZIP
PMM2NS.ZIP 12704 1999-05-02 21:03:18 PMMail v1.1 to Netscape Mail Converter (c) 1997 by Christoph Bratschi PMM2NS.ZIP
PMVNC006.ZIP 124870 1999-03-24 04:17:04 VNC Viewer for OS/2 PM - beta release 0.06. VNC stands for Virtual Network Computing, developed by ORL. Requires EMX runtime (> 0.9c). Copyright (C) 1999, Software Research Associates, Inc. This program is free software under the terms of the GNU General Public License. PMVNC006.ZIP
POWERLV.ZIP 2527580 1999-04-27 01:02:18 Power ListViewer 99, version 1.01, build # O-52, Copyright (c) 1998, 1999 by Jonathan B. Bayer. Shareware. Power ListViewer 99 is designed to allow easy reading of mailing list messages in an easy to follow, subject-threaded format. Power ListViewer POWERLV.ZIP
RCP11.ZIP 47020 1996-11-19 14:31:40 rcp - remote file copy OS/2 release: 1.10. Rcp copies files between TCP/IP connected machines. This is a port of Berkeley 4.3 rcp for OS/2. The source is from FreeBSD 1.1 ('red demon' CD-ROM, May 1994). RCP11.ZIP
REDIR.ZIP 74902 1999-02-02 15:36:20 Squid 2.1 Patch 2 Redirector Module for EMX-OS/2 (Release 1.0). This release introduces advanced redirector program for Squid 2.1 Patch2 for OS/2. To use this module you must have Beta 4 or Beta 4SP. REDIR.ZIP
REDIR20.ZIP 85939 1999-04-09 08:14:06 Ver 2.0. Redirect local TCP/IP ports to another port on a local or remote system. This is a direct port from the Linux version and is tested on OS/2 Warp v4. Additional requirements: (or higher). REDIR20.ZIP
RNETO101.ZIP 1132466 1999-02-28 07:39:18 RacerNet 1.01 - A Hosts file manager. RacerNet accelerates your Internet connection by managing your Hosts file. Add, remove, change, verify and import host names. Mirror your Hosts file to other directories. Frugal Software, Inc. $10.00 RNETO101.ZIP
RXMIR13.ZIP 61668 1999-02-26 10:17:08 rxMirror 1.3 - Mirroring software for OS/2 This program can serve two purposes: - maintaining a mirror site; - copying remote directory tree via FTP. Requirements: OS/2 2.x, 3.x, TCP/IP stack, REXX, HPFS. RXMIR13.ZIP
SCACHE.ZIP 90417 1999-02-10 09:40:10 [Java] Smart Cache 0.38. Full featured SCACHE.ZIP
SFIRE.ZIP 301531 1999-04-09 03:03:50 SafeFire 1.0 (C) 1999, Link Guard Solutions Ltd. Network Address Translation / Firewall for OS/2 LAN-to-LAN types of connection supported: - xDSL - Cable modems - Ordinary LAN Features: - Easy installation - Highly configurable - Network Address Translation (masquerading) - Full support for FTP and IRC connections, including built-in IDENT server - Port Mapping - Packet Filter - Unlimited number of users supported - High performance - Optimized for high load - Tested for 7d/24h operation under high load - 'on-the-fly' configuration - Number of supported simultaneous connections limited only by OS/2 TCP/IP stack - Up to 65534 packet filer rules - Aurora (Warp Server for e-business) ready SFIRE.ZIP
SITEC050.ZIP 235220 1999-05-02 21:03:06 sitecopy.exe 0.5.0: FTP, debugging, EMX/RSX platform. Sitecopy is for easily maintaining remote web sites. The program will upload files to the server which have changed locally, and delete files from the server which have been removed locally, to keep the remote site synchronized. Requires EMX runtime. SITEC050.ZIP
SLRN0954.ZIP 321867 1999-03-19 07:40:10 slrn - slrn is an easy to use but powerful NNTP based newsreader. Requires emx runtime. SLRN0954.ZIP
SM891A1.ZIP 2516247 1998-08-23 14:22:32 port of sendmail 8.9.1 to OS/2. This is an alpha of sendmail 8.9.1 for OS/2. It should be treated with caution, but can be made to work in some fashion. SM891A1.ZIP
SOCLOSE.ZIP 19082 1999-03-02 11:55:06 soclose - Socket closer. Lets you close any socket given its socket descriptor ID, obtained with the NETSTAT -s command. Useful for ending some kinds of PM programs or for freeing up active side sockets stuck in the CLOSE_WAIT state. By Joshua E. Rodd SOCLOSE.ZIP
SQUID22S.ZIP 1766883 1999-04-24 05:27:16 Squid 2.2 STABLE 2 for OS/2 Beta 1. SQUID Internet Object Cache. Squid is capable of doing its primary work i.e. HTTP caching mechanism. Speeds up web browsing by caching most recently visited web pages. Might also be able to make Netscape more stable if you use squid instead of Netscape built-in caching. SQUID22S.ZIP
SWIS131A.ZIP 276248 1999-02-09 02:10:56 Simple Web Indexing System for Humans - Enhanced v1.3.1. SWISH-Enhanced is a fast, powerful, flexible, and easy to use system for indexing collections of Web pages or other text files. Key features include the ability to limit searches to certain HTML tags (META, TITLE, comments, etc.). By Christopher McRae SWIS131A.ZIP
TC123101.ZIP 18390 1999-04-03 01:17:22 tc123-1.0.1 RELEASE for OS/2. An ircII script+helper applet which allows you to control z! and pm123 within your irc client console. The helper applet can also be used in any other area where you wish to show information about the mp3 you are currently playing (like email signatures!). By Kevin Berry TC123101.ZIP
TCPD34A.ZIP 312508 1999-03-28 09:45:38 tcpdump 3.4 port. tcpdump 3.4 is a network monitoring and data acquisition tool, supports promiscuous mode via IpSpy, ethernet, SLIP, PPP, loopback; includes SMB patches. By Peter Meerwald TCPD34A.ZIP
TIMEK103.ZIP 70609 1999-04-20 01:00:58 TimeKeeper/2 v1.0.3, Copyright (C) 1999 by BMT Micro. TimeKeeper/2 is a program which retrieves Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) from a time server using time protocol (RFC868), compares the time to your computer time and updates the local clock if necessary. Shareware. TIMEK103.ZIP
TIRC30.ZIP 33817 1999-04-04 04:33:30 tIRC v3.0 - The thin IRC client. A very small, light and efficient IRC client for OS/2 textmode systems. Light clients have no large GUI resources, or excessive features to clutter your hard drive. Please read the readme file enclosed for setup information. GUNN Data Systems - TIRC30.ZIP
WA12011A.ZIP 154952 1999-02-19 10:12:40 OS/2 version of Webalizer v1.20-11 ported WA12011A.ZIP
WALLCGI3.ZIP 32981 1999-02-18 17:52:52 Tiny's Wall of Babble CGI v1.2 Graffiti wall for your OS/2, Win32, or Win3.x based HTTP server. *Freeware!* WALLCGI3.ZIP
WEBMOD20.ZIP 564261 1999-02-20 10:26:52 Web Modifier version 2.0, dynamicly updates web page. Web Modifier is a program that is designed to allow a user with a dial up connection to dynamicly change an internet web page. The program gives the user the ability to modify an HTML document to include: HTTP, FTP, and TELNET links to the computer running the Web Modifier. This gives the user the freedom to have a small web site on the internet without purchasing a domain or static IP address. By Eric Dorothy WEBMOD20.ZIP
WU_110.ZIP 275397 1999-01-28 09:44:46 WEBUTIL for OS/2 and Windows 95/98/NT version 1.10 Evaluation release version WEBUTIL is a very flexible and easy to use HTTP and FTP robot. With WEBUTIL you can download entire web sites, and download and upload files from and to FTP sites. Synchronize directories with an FTP site! It is ideal for transfering fidonet mail and files via the Internet to your downlinks all over the world! WEBUTIL is very small and easy to configure. WU_110.ZIP
XVNC_OS2.ZIP 570240 1999-03-27 16:17:16 X VNC Server for OS/2 - based on Xvnc XVNC_OS2.ZIP
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