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Gftn - GFD_OS2:_FTN

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Gftn - Fidonet GFD_OS2:_FTN
Filename Filesize [bytes] File Date/Time Description Download
AMU320P.ZIP 285126 1999-02-11 06:54:14 Automated Maintenance Utility (AMU) v3.20 Final Release (OS2 version) AMU320P.ZIP
BBBS_2.ZIP 1721770 1999-01-31 18:42:00 BBBS v3.42 1s. Complete BBS package with full internal FidoNet and InterNet support. ISDN, mailer, mail processor, TICK, AllFix, Telnet, FTP, Finger, HTTP, news, email, gateway, Mg, full screen editor, multilingual, CD-ROM, offline, VT320, ANSI, multitask, multinode, HYDRA, Zmodem, Kermit, BZLink, TCP/IP, voice, FAX, charsets, accounts, IRC, plus much much more. Everything you need to run a BBS! This packet is for OS/2, without RSA. BBBS_2.ZIP
BBS2HTML.ZIP 64050 1999-04-26 05:55:46 BBS2HTML v1.4.4 FILES.BBS to INDEX.HTM converter. DOS, Win32, OS/2, sources (PASCAL). (c) mahatma BBS2HTML.ZIP
BLO103.ZIP 148449 1999-05-03 21:03:22 "BLENDER for OS/2" v1.03 RELEASE New Advanced Nodelist update utility. Fast Nodelist update, Nodelist Subset Generator with correct Nodelist updating, Nodelist integrity checking utility, ArcMail-Attach Nodediff(s) distribution feature, MultiColor & Easy-to-use configuration utility, MultiLine/MultiTask support... and FINALLY: multi Nodelists/Nodediffs Support and Binkley-style outbound for Nodediffs distribution. File BLD103.EXE contains DOS version! BLO103.ZIP
CFR-A95B.ZIP 345588 1999-03-15 03:12:42 CFROUTE 0.95 alpha. Binkley-style netmail packer. Binaries for OS/2, DOS, Linux, Win32. Alternate routing based upon destination system, origin system, day of the week, file attach and encryption. Extremely flexible parser. Very powerful wildcard processor. Generates type 2 and 2+ packets. Unlimited number of AKAs, passwords, routes, etc. No hardcoded limits! Multiple netmail directories. May import FastEcho's configuration. Freeware. C++ source code available. Year 2000 ready. Users of older CFRoute versions, please do upgrade! CFR-A95B.ZIP
CL_103.ZIP 708691 2001-01-13 14:00:20 CantaLoup 1.03 [01-01-04] - A 32b Mail System using FidoNet Technology, running under OS/2 2.x and Warp PM. German Documentation. CL_103.ZIP
DOCTL11.ZIP 7439 1999-03-07 08:22:02 KoelschNet DOCTL 1.1 Verarbeitet CTL's (GFD, BBS) Updatet jetzt FILES.BBS Kann gel schet Files jetzt verschieben Geschrieben in REXX klein & SCHNELL totale, absolute FreeWare ! KoelschNet DOCTL11.ZIP
EB_004G2.ZIP 991164 1999-02-27 15:04:00 EleBBS v0.04.g1 - public gamma release of EleBBS. A RA v2.5x compatible BBS. Features lightbarred menus, built-in TELNET server, newsgroups retrieval program and longfilename support! Available for DOS, Win95/NT and OS/2. OS/2 version EB_004G2.ZIP
FD54OS2.ZIP 178505 1999-02-27 20:40:00 FILEDUDE 5.4 (OS/2) - Great RG file manager! Imports all CD-ROM formats, DIZ, and SDI. Makes filelists, converts archives, virus scans. Pulldown menu system, and very easy to install. Professional. Shareware $10. FD54OS2.ZIP
FLET1241.ZIP 1191526 1999-04-27 09:28:48 FleetStreet 1.24.1 for OS/2 2.x/3.x/4.x PM is a flexible and powerful FTN message reader for Squish, *.MSG & JAM areas, multithreaded, 32 bit, CUA'91, Rexx, drag'n'drop, highly configurable, supports Squish, Fastecho, IMail, LoraBBS, FMAIL, WMail, BBToss, english, german, swedish and italian version. Open source version! FLET1241.ZIP
GEO301.ZIP 456328 1999-05-03 21:03:20 GoldED 3.0.1 Official Release By Odinn Sorensen, FidoNet 2:236/77. Homepage: Requires an existing setup. OS/2 version. GEO301.ZIP
HPT2_026.ZIP 481335 1999-04-09 18:01:32 Highly Portable Tosser hpt/2 0.26 compiled for OS/2 by Oleg Deribas 2:461/13 This is `binaries only' distribution Sources and other stuff available at HPT2_026.ZIP
IREXP118.ZIP 647056 1999-02-11 15:25:04 Internet Rex 1.18 for OS/2 A program for sending your BBS mail over the net. Supports email, FTP, MIME, UUencoding, XXencoding, GIGO, Watergate, TransX, Allfix, FrontDoor, Binkley, D'Bridge and more. Packed with features. IREXP118.ZIP
ITX143_O.ZIP 300291 1999-03-14 14:37:26 itraX public beta 1.43 REXX library of FTN functions (freeware) Supported operating systems: OS/2, Win32. Supported REXX versions: built-in OS/2 REXX, IBM Objective REXX (Win32), Regina REXX (Win32). Originally based on a popular Itrack netmail tracker, it has since then developed into a powerful scripting tool. Powered by REXX, itraX takes advantage of many REXX-specific features, such as stems and shared variable pool, which makes it possible to write sophisticated scripts useful in many aspects of FTN message handling, such as netmail/echomail tracking, filtering, traffic flow control, automatic message processing, creating of various robots, and more. The library also offers a lot of useful extensions in functionality not found in the original Itrack tracker, such as: - full support of JAM, Squish, and Msg message bases; - support of long bink-style outbound (as found in the Brake! mailer); - support of file boxes (both the Brake! anf T-Mail formats); ITX143_O.ZIP
MSERVB2.ZIP 60886 1999-02-11 09:06:10 multiserver v1.0 beta2 an e-mail server for OS/2 and Win32 works with most BBS softwares.. MSERVB2.ZIP
NLMAKE1B.ZIP 241284 1999-03-20 02:47:44 Nodelist make 1.11/OS/2. Create nodelist from segments, create diff files stand- alone, apply diffs, check nodelist crc. emx Runtime required NLMAKE1B.ZIP
ORIONV6X.ZIP 2463456 1999-02-09 12:23:24 OrionCBCS V6.0a - OrionCBCS V6.0a, full featured, internet ready BBS/Mailer with full seamless squish support in this version. Includes Telnet, Sockets, Pop3 Smtp, NNTP, Ftp and more. ORIONV6X.ZIP
PM002B2.ZIP 154605 1999-04-17 02:18:30 PktMail v0.02 public BETA 2 OS/2-Version Ein Squish-Like Tosser - Frei verf gbar - Source verf gbar - incl. Areafix - Squish- hnliche CFG's PM002B2.ZIP
PS1221.ZIP 170086 1999-02-14 00:43:54 KTSecretary v1.22.1 Nachrichtenfilter fuer das Fido-PKT For- mat 2, 2.2 und 2+. Verwendbar... - als lokaler Filter fuer Nodes und Points, z.B. auch als SPAM Filter fuer GateWays. - als beim Boss installierter Filter, den ER UND SEINE POINTS jeweils selb- staendig konfigurieren koennen: Fil- tern der MSGs beim SysOp, dadurch: + Telefonkosten sparen! + HDD-Platz beim Sysop wird gespart! + Kuerzere Reaktionszeit bei automati- schen Antworten! => Ein MUSS fuer Sysops pointfreund- licher Boxen! Funktionen: Nachrichten loeschen, kopieren, beant- worten, verschieben, forwarden und auf- listen sowie loeschen von Kludges. Beantworten in neu angelegten Areas, die Antworten werden automatisch in die richtige Area zurueckverschoben! Flexible Installation: Kompatibilitaet mit vielen gaengigen Fido-Programmen. Beispielinstallationen fuer FastEcho, FMail, GEcho, IMail, Squish, APoint, XP, FIPS, WinPoint, WaterGate, Terminate. Lauffaehig unter DOS und OS/2 Released: 14.02.99 - PS1221.ZIP
PS1221I.ZIP 161345 1999-02-14 00:42:48 KTSecretary v1.22.1 Message filter for the Fido PKT formats 2, 2.2 and 2+. Usable as... - local filter for nodes, points and UseNet GateWays. - remote filter for a sysop and his down links, who can each configure the fil- ter completely by themselves. Filtering at the uplink, thus: + Save downlinks' money by reducing his phone bills! + Save sysop's money by saving HDD space! + Create automatic replies with a much shorter reaction time! Functions: Delete, copy, reply, move, forward and list messages, delete kludges. You can reply within by PKTSec newly created areas, replies will be automa- tically moved back to the right area. Flexible installation: Compatibility with the most commonly used Fido pro- grams. Configuration examples included for FastEcho, FMail, GEcho, IMail, Squish, Terminate, WaterGate. Runs under DOS and OS/2 Released: 14.02.99 - PS1221I.ZIP
SHOWL132.ZIP 754807 1999-02-02 08:17:22 * SHOW-LOG 1.32 Bugfix * OS/2, DOS and DPMI version inc. -comfortable Logfile-Viewer and Manager for MD, FD, RA, BINK, T-MAIL, McMAIL, INTERMAIL, SBBS CANTALOUP, XENIA, PROBOARD, MAX CONCORD, PCBOARD, FX.UUCIO ARGUS, UUPC & any other Mailer -is aware of multiline-systems -powerfull searching system -simple cost-calculating -creates reports as NM, TXT or PKT to different recipients -freely defineable subjects and report-templates -shows both, mailer- and online- calls on one screen -recognizes incoming FAX-Calls -able to shorten any logfile -freely defineable colors -releases timeslices -reads more, freely defineable- logfiles (max. 50) -able to open logfiles even if they are in use by the mailer -and many, many other features -ASCII based fullscreen setup ENGLISH AND GERMAN VERSION -- by M.Becker & S.Boettner - SHOWL132.ZIP
SOUPG103.ZIP 368834 1999-02-04 11:39:46 SoupGate v1.03: easily configurable yet quite powerful Fidonet-Internet gateway software; requires SOUP mail/news client. Supports DOS, OS/2 and Windows 9X/NT. Public gamma version (1999-02-04). FREEWARE SOUPG103.ZIP
SPOLV101.ZIP 337677 1999-04-01 00:45:00 SparPoll V1.01 Reguliert die Outbound-Groesse fuer Downlinks, um grosse Filemengen zum guenstigen Tarif pollen zu koennen, bzw. um Pollslots festzulegen. - fuer alle Systeme mit Binkley- Style-Outbound-Struktur - komfortables Setup mit Import der Nodekonfiguration von Allfix 5.x, Megatic 1.6x und Filescan 1.58. - alle Einstellungen koennen durch Downlinks per Netmail geaendert werden - erstellt Outbound-Statistik aller Nodes, auch als PKT zum Tossen in beliebige Echomail-Area - inkl. Event-Scheduler (nur OS/2) fuer automatische SparPoll- und andere Systemevents (z.B. Starten von Programmen, Poll-Files erzeu- gen, auf Flagfiles reagieren) - y2k-fest - OS/2 und DOS-Version im Archiv - Shareware 20.- DM (10.23 Euro) SPOLV101.ZIP
TB!-717.ZIP 1356099 1997-07-13 07:22:06 The Brake! FTN-compatible mailer for OS/2, Version 717, Copyright ( ) 1995-97 by John Gladkih. All rights reserved. TB!-717.ZIP
TB!718A9.ZIP 1880730 1999-04-29 01:37:38 The Brake!(tm) FTN-compatible mailer for OS/2(tm), Version 718a9, Copyright (c) 1995-99 by John Gladkih and Bad Data, Inc. All rights reserved. TB!718A9.ZIP
TQBUS097.ZIP 146368 1999-04-01 11:54:52 tqBusy 0.97 (by daniel hahler) -[shareware: 10dm][os2&dos]- Das ultimative Statistik-Tool f r Binkley (CostLog+Binkley.Log), Xenia, Cantaloup, FrontDoor, MxBuck, MaxFreq. tqBusy wertet die Sessions/Requests Deines Systems aus und erstellt eine konfigurierbare (Tages/Wochen/Monats/ Jahres)-(In/Out/Total/Top-(In/Out)-/ Cost-(In/Out)-/Line-/Frequest-) Statistik, die dann gepostet werden kann und bestaunt werden wird. Insgesamt gibt es 44(!) verschiedene Statistik-Kombinationen. Beispiel-Ausgabedateien liegen bei. -[magic TQBUSY bei 2:2432/337] TQBUS097.ZIP
TWBF011.ZIP 188452 1999-03-11 09:37:02 Sector bubble locator for Tradewars 2002 TWBF011.ZIP
TWPPF006.ZIP 194923 1999-03-13 19:13:20 Port pair locator for Tradewars 2002 BBS door game. Will locate adjacent port pairs, for trading, stealing/selling, robbing, etc, based on CIM data. Supports 65535 sectors, and simultaneous multiple type searches. DOS, DPMI, and OS/2 executables plus source included. Version 0.06 TWPPF006.ZIP
VIRQ0105.ZIP 81431 2011-10-05 18:59:22 VIREQ/X V0.10.5 (vk) Filerequestprocessor for OS/2. Works with SRIF according to FSC-0086.001. Doesn't require any filebase and FILES.BBS. Copyright (c) 1998-2001 by Volker Imre. Small patches by Viktor Kafke. Dirty hack for OS2 by 2:5057/77@fidonet VIRQ0105.ZIP
Y2KTOOL2.ZIP 461588 1999-03-15 14:29:14 Fido Year 2000 Tools Rel. 2 by Tobias Ernst PKTDATE 1.0 is a program that can analyse PKT files for structural errors that result from year 2000 related bugs in the creating software and automatically fix such broken PKT files. It is intended for use at hub level in the Fidonet distribution structure in order to alleviate the effects of the year 2000 problem on the smooth operation of Fidonet. Also included is a general information text on the year 2000 problem in Fidonet and tools for analysing MSG and Squish message base files. Includes OS/2, Win32, DOS, Linux and Amiga executables and source code. Unzip with -d option! Y2KTOOL2.ZIP
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